AgilePM® Foundation in English - 3 days

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Course information

This 3-days training presents techniques and tools for project management in accordance with the principles of agile management. Prepares for conscious participation or running a project managed using Agile. The training prepares you for an exam allowing you to obtain an international AgilePM® Foundation certificate issued by APMG.


People who lead projects (regardless of industry and subject matter of the project) or are members of steering committees and project teams. People wishing to explore alternatives to the traditional approach (waterfall) methodology, particularly useful for project management, which are characterized by high agility and strong constraints: time and cost.

What you will learn

  • You will learn the AgilePM® (Agile Project Management) methodology at a level that allows you to implement projects using its assumptions.
  • You will understand the differences between traditional and agile approaches and the key principles that Agile projects apply to.
  • You will learn the key AgilePM® indications necessary to pass the Foundation exam.

Course content

  • Introduction to Agile - what is agile approach? What are the varieties of agile approaches? Which one to choose for a particular project?
  • Fundamentals of Agile Project Management - project constraints in traditional and agile approach. Philosophy DSDM® Atern®. Overview of the eight principles AgilePM;
  • Roles and responsibilities - structure their roles and responsibilities. Roles level of the project, the Implementation team and supporting roles (others);
  • Preparation for project management AgilePM - critical success factors. Preliminary evaluation of the project team. Key elements of preparing for the project;
  • Agile Project Management - management styles. Features of project management in agile approach. Key recommendations;
  • Processes and products AgilePM - AgilePM project management environment. Overview of the typical phases of the project AgilePM and associated products;
  • Communication - the role of communication in agile project. Dedicated support communication technology (facilitated workshop, modeling, daily stand up meetings and iterative development) and their meaning;
  • MoSCoW prioritization and timeboxing. Who determines the priority and how? What is the Timebox in the AgilePM approach? Typical size of Timebox and its components. Delivery Plan vs. Development Timebox vs. Iteration;
  • Agile Project Control - control features in the approach of agile project. Project Risk Management. Key recommendations;
  • Requirements and estimating in AgilePM - the list of requirements with the priorities and the role of Business Analyst in agile project. Various estimation techniques used in AgilePM. The recommended approach to monitor the project;
  • Planning in AgilePM - how it differs from traditional approaches? Quality key aspect of the demanding schedule. Plans (Outline, Delivery, Timebox, and Deployment.


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Czas trwania szkolenia

3 days

W cenie szkolenia

  • Training materials.
  • Introductory material.


Open or closed groups

Group size

8 – 12 persons

Additional information regarding participation in the Virtual Class

Each participant should register for the training session between 08:30-08:50
The training is conducted from  09:00 – 15:30
During the training day we anticipate several breaks, including one 1-hour break, and also after each hour of training a 10-minute break. A detailed break schedule is set by each trainer individually with his group.
Training materials are distributed in electronic form.
Exams are carried out in the form of vouchers.


Accreditation for Asseco Data Systems S.A. by APMG International.


There is an additional option of purchasing the „AgilePM® – Agile Project Management Handbook”: PLN 250 net.

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Exam is organized on the last day of the training

Name of the exam
AgilePM® Foundation
Exam entry condition
Identification document with picture.
Exam form
Exam duration
 40 minutes
Exam type
simple choice
Number of questions
Pass mark
25/50 (50%)
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Czas trwania egzaminu

40 minutes

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