DevOps – Certified Agile Process Owner (CAPO)® in English

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PDU: 14 (T: 4, L: 4, S: 6)
This 2-days Certified Agile Process Owner course, accredited by DevOps Institute, provides guidance into the Process Owner responsibilities so they can describe what they are doing as a process and provides the education needed to oversee the design, re-engineering and improvement of IT Service Management (ITSM) processes; particularly in the context of Agile Service Management. Participants learn how to apply Scrum practices to Process Owner responsibilities and use Agile and Lean principles and practices to put in place ‘just enough’ process and how to continually align process performance with overall business goals.
A process owner is an individual accountable for the performance of a process and for ensuring the process delivers value to its stakeholders. Process owners manage the requirements of process stakeholders, translate those requirements into process performance objectives, and oversee the entire process design and improvement lifecycle.
This certification positions learners to successfully complete the Certified Agile Process Owner exam.

Target audience:

  • ITSM process owners/ managers, e.g. Incident Management Process Owner or Change Management Process Owner, who want to use Agile, Scrum and DevOps techniques to design agile processes and improve them.
  • Employees and managers responsible for designing, re-engineering or improving ITSM processes
  • Consultants guiding their clients through process improvement initiatives
  • Anyone responsible for: (1) Managing process-related requirements, (2) Ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, (3) Maximizing the value of processes


The learning objectives for CAPO include an understanding of:
  • Basic Agile and Agile Service Management concepts
  • Process owner role and responsibilities
  • Managing and prioritizing a process backlog
  • Creating and utilizing user stories
  • Collaborating with process stakeholders and other process owners
  • Overseeing Agile process design and improvement activities
  • Managing organizational change activities
  • Monitoring and measuring process performance
  • Conducting process reviews and identifying improvements

Course content:

Day 1:
  • Process basics
  • Process owner role and responsibilities
  • Related roles
  • Agile basics
  • Scrum basics
  • Scrum vs. Kanban
  • Agile Service Management
  • Agile process design
  • Creating a process backlog
  • Personas, user stories, themes and epics
  • Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM) mock exam
Day 2:
  • Ordering and maintaining the process backlog
  • Process design sprints
  • Process owner responsibilities during a sprint
  • Potentially releasable process increment
  • Agile process improvement
  • Implementing process improvements
  • Measuring value
  • CSFs and KPIs
  • SLAs and OLAs
  • Process dashboards
  • Process improvement toolkit
  • Getting started
  • Challenges and critical success factors
  • Exam tips and tricks
  • Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM) certification exam

Czas trwania szkolenia

2 dni

W cenie szkolenia

  • Pre-Course training materials
  • CAPO study guide with all slides
  • DevOps glossary
  • CAPO Reference Guide
  • CAPO exam requirements
  • CAPO sample paper with answer key

Additional information:

Organization of training:

● Type of training: Virtual class (Instructor-led live online class), On-site open group class, On-site closed group class
● Training language: English or Polish
● Material language: English
● Group size: 8 to 14 participants
● Prerequisites: None
● Accreditation granted to Asseco Data Systems by DevOps Institute

Additional information regarding participation in the Virtual class:

● Each participant should register for the training session between 08:30-08:50
● The training is conducted between 09:00 am and 3:30 pm
● During the training day there will be several breaks, including one 1-hour lunch break and 10-minutes coffee breaks after each hour of training.
● Study guide and other training materials are distributed in a digital version.
● Exams are carried out in the form of vouchers.

DevOps Agile Certified Process Owner (CAPO)® is a registered trademark of DevOps Institute, Inc.


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● Exam type: on-line proctored, multiple choice (1 correct answer out of 4)
● Exam duration: 60 minutes
● Number of questions: 40
● Pass mark: 65% (26/40)
● Exam language: English
● Closed book.


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60 min

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