PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals in English

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The purpose of this 2-days accredited DevOps Fundamentals training is to help candidate:
  • To understand modern hi-velocity IT organisation and Full Stack of Culture, Practices and Automation,
  • To be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a DevOps environment.
The Fundamentals qualification is also a pre-requisite for the advanced PeopleCert DevOps Leadership and DevOps Engineering qualifications.


  • Everyone who wants to understand the principles, practices and culture of DevOps and Full Stack Development, aiming at faster and more frequent implementation of changes in IT solutions, without sacrificing the quality and reliability of IT-enabled business services
  • People working in DevOps teams who want to better understand their role and accelerate the whole team
  • Organizations that have started or are about to intend to instil concepts and thinking in line with the DevOps model
  • Employees and managers responsible for carrying out the DevOps transformation
  • Consultants, internal and external suppliers of digital and IT-enabled services.

Course objectives

The learning objectives for DevOps Fundamentals include an understanding and practical application of:
  • Key concepts of DevOps underlying C.A.L.M.S., The Three Ways, continuous delivery, and the scope of the full stack
  • DevOps culture, transformational leadership and DevOps structure and teaming
  • 15 Essential Practices of DevOps
  • Agile Project Management and Scrum Methodology in DevOps environment
  • Key concepts of cloud technology and virtualization, automation for deployment pipeline, and architecting for continuous delivery.


1st Day:
  • Getting Started and Introduction (What Is DevOps? History of DevOps; The DevOps Full Stack)
  • Module 1: The Urgency for DevOps (Dimensions of Business Value; External Drivers of Change; The Organizational Goals of DevOps; IT & Silos; The Negative Influence of Bureaucracy; Complex Processes Result in Waste; A Big Shift is Required; IT Downward Spiral; IT & DevOps)
  • Module 2: Key DevOps Principles & Concepts (C.A.L.M.S.; The Three Ways; Continuous Delivery Across the Deployment Pipeline; DevOps Transforms People, Culture Processes, Practices, Technology and Automation)
  • Module 3: The Full Stack – People & Culture Layer (Organizational Culture; Importance of Collaboration; What is Transformational Leadership? Transformation Leadership Principles; Teams; Organizational Models for DevOps; The Evolution of DevOps Teams; DevOps Requires Practical Specialists; A Shift to Product & Platform Teams; Building a Cross-Functional Team)
  2nd Day:
  • Module 4: The Full Stack – Processes & Practices Layer (DevOps and Other Methodologies; Voice of The Customer; Relationship Management; Lean Process Optimization; Value Stream Mapping; Knowledge Management; Visual Management; Agile Project Management & Scrum; Shift Left Testing; Change Control; Service Configuration Management; Release & Deployment Management; Incident Management; Problem Management & Kaizen; Continual Improvement; Antifragility)
  • Module 5: The Full Stack – Technology & Automation Layer (Automation & The Full Stack; Deployment Pipeline Automation; Tools for A DevOps Toolchain; Stages of DevOps Automation; The Emergence of Cloud Technology & Computing; Cloud Computing Deployment & Service Models; Product & Platform Teams; Containerization & Microservices; APIs)
  • Wrap Up & Review
  • Sample paper and discussion of the results
  • Exam tips
  • PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals certified exam
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2 dni

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Student pack includes:

  • Pre-course reading material
  • DevOps Fundamentals Study Guide
  • DevOps Fundamentals Syllabus
  • DevOps Recommended Reading
  • DevOps Glossary
  • Exam Tips
  • DevOps Fundamentals Sample Paper with Answer Key

Type of training

Closed group classroom or Instructor-led live online classes

Group size

8 to 12 participants




Granted to Asseco Data Systems by PeopleCert. According to the PeopleCert policy, accredited training is only sold with the exam.

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According to the PeopleCert policy, accredited training is only sold with the exam.


Net price of the classroom exam [1 person]: 850 PLN

Voucher for the online proctoring exam to be used at a later date, for an additional fee added to the exam price: 120 PLN.

Name of the exam DevOps Fundamentals
Exam entry condition completing of DevOps Fundamentals training
Exam delivery classroom exam or voucher
Exam duration 60 minutes (90 minutes for non-native speakers)
Exam type multiple choice (1 correct answer from 4)
Number of questions 40
Pass mark 28/40 (70%)
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60 min.

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