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The purpose of this 2-days accredited DevOps Leadership training is to help candidate:
  • To become an effective leader of DevOps team,
  • To lead an organization through a DevOps transformation to modern hi-velocity IT organisation.
The Fundamentals qualification is a pre-requisite for the PeopleCert DevOps Leadership certification.


  • Everyone who wishes to become an efficient leading member of a DevOps environment
  • People who wants to understand DevOps Full Stack principles, tools and practices, as well as gain application skills of how to use tools efficiently and effectively
  • Organizations that have started or are about to intend to instil concepts and thinking in line with the DevOps model
  • Employees and managers responsible for carrying out the DevOps transformation
  • Consultants, internal and external suppliers of digital and IT-enabled services.

Course objectives

At the end of the course you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and practical application of:
  • What is leadership and what is leadership for DevOps?
  • How to lead an organization through a DevOps transformation?
  • Establish the need for urgency for DevOps
  • Clarify & align business objectives
  • Create a vision and strategy for transformation
  • Identify and influence the vital stakeholders
  • Lead a culture of self-organized, cross-functional teams
  • Gather, broadcast and Implement feedback
  • Enable flow across the value stream
  • Break work into iterations to accelerate learning and experimentation
  • Lead for continuous delivery
  • Lead a culture of continual improvement
  • Lead for innovation
  • Improve organizational resilience & sustainability.


1st Day:
  • Introduction: What does it mean to lead? What is DevOps Leadership?
  • Module 1: Clarifying & Aligning the DevOps Transformation to Value Delivery (Establish the need for urgency for DevOps; Clarifying & Aligning Business Objectives)
  • Module 2: Planning & Approaching the DevOps Transformation (Creating a Vision & Strategy for Transformation; Identifying & Influencing the Vital Stakeholders)
2nd Day:
  • Module 3: Engaging & Implementing the DevOps Full Stack (Leading a Culture of Self-Organized, Cross-Functional Teams; Gathering, Broadcasting & Implementing Feedback; Enabling Flow Across the Value Stream; Breaking Work into Iterations to Accelerate Learning & Experimentation; Leadership for Continuous Delivery)
  • Module 4: Validating Results & Sustaining the DevOps Transformation (Leading a Culture of Continual Improvement; Leading for Innovation; Improving Organizational Resilience & Sustainability)
  • Wrap Up & Review
  • Sample paper and discussion of the results
  • Exam tips
  • PeopleCert DevOps Leadership certified exam
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2 dni

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Student pack includes:

  • DevOps Leadership Study Guide
  • DevOps Leadership Syllabus
  • DevOps Recommended Reading
  • DevOps Glossary
  • Exam Tips
  • DevOps Leadership Sample Paper with Answer Key

Type of training

Closed group classroom or Instructor-led live online classes

Group size

8 to 12 participants


PeopleCert DevOps Fundamentals certificate


Accreditation granted to Asseco Data Systems by PeopleCert

According to the PeopleCert policy, accredited training is only sold with the exam.


Additional information regarding participation in the Virtual Class

Each participant should register for the training session between 08:30-08:50
The training is conducted from  09:00 – 15:30
During the training day we anticipate several breaks, including one 1-hour break, and also after each hour of training a 10-minute break. A detailed break schedule is set by each trainer individually with his group.
Training materials are distributed in electronic form.
Exams are carried out in the form of vouchers.
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Net price of the classroom exam [1 person]: 1100 PLN

Voucher for the online proctoring exam to be used at a later date, for an additional fee added to the exam price: 120 PLN

According to the PeopleCert policy, accredited training is only sold with the exam.

Name of the exam DevOps Leadership
Exam entry condition completing of DevOps Leadership training
Exam delivery classroom exam or voucher
Exam duration 60 minutes (90 minutes for non-native speakers)
Exam type multiple choice (1 correct answer from 4)
Number of questions 20
Pass mark 70% correct answers (14/20)
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