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Target audience

The preferred target group for the Lean IT Foundation certification consists of any member of an IT organization who is working within an organization that has adopted and adapted Lean IT. However the course will also be of interest to IT professionals interested in how Lean IT can facilitate delivery of more efficient and effective services. It is particularly relevant to ITIL trained professionals who will benefit from the techniques associated with Lean which are complementary to ITIL process design.


The course provides guidance on the techniques used in Lean IT and encourages engagement of the students through a number of discussion points during the course. Candidates can expect to gain knowledge and comprehension in the following upon successful completion of the education and examination components related to this certification.
  • The originating and development of the Lean philosophy
  • Key elements of Lean
  • Understand and identify the concept of waste, variability and inflexibility
  • Customer value, Voice of the Customer, CTQ
  • Process improvement, Value Stream Mapping and process flow
  • Understand the concept of Performance, define and use KPI’s
  • Organization requirements to implement Lean
  • Lean Behaviour & Attitude
  • Visible management

Course content

  • Introduction to Lean IT
  • What is Lean IT?
  • Lean IT principles.
  • Type of wastes (Muda);
  • 5 dimensions of Lean IT:
  • Customer – key definitions: Value, Voice of Customer (VOC), Kano model, Critical to quality (CTQ);
  • Process – key definitions: Flow, SIPOC, Value Stream Map (VSM), Push, Pull, Just-in-time (JIT);
  • Efficiency – key definitions: Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Operational Process Efficiency (OPE), Skills & Knowledge Matrix;
  • Organization – key definitions: Performance dialogue, Visible management, Kaizen, DMAIC, Pareto analysis, Ishikawa analysis, 5 Whys;
  • Attitudes and behaviours – key definitions: Lean leadership, Go and see, AURRA model, (Not) Lean behaviour.
  • Sample exam.
The course culminates in a formal closed-book examination – Lean IT Foundation.

3 days

Price included

  • Printed presentation
  • Materials for exercises and sample solutions
  • Glossary and abbreviation
  • Trial exam answer key

Form of training

Open or for closed group




The course is accredited by APMG International

Group size

From 8 to 12 students

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Confirmation of passing the exam is a certificate of “Lean IT Foundation” released by the British organization APMG.Dyplom udziału w szkoleniu wydany przez CTPartners S.A.


Exam Lean IT Foundation
Prerequisites Completion of the Lean IT Foundation training course
Examination form
Duration 60 minutes. Candidates taking the exam in a different language than their native language have a maximum of 75 minutes.
Method Multiple choice, closed-book
Number of Question
Required to pass the exam 50% (25 out of 50)
Exam in



60 min

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